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LBRY × YouTube Sync

Get your YouTube videos in front of the LBRY audience

Connect with your fans while earning rewards

This will verify you are an active YouTuber. Channel names cannot be changed once chosen, please be extra careful. Instructions about how to claim credits, and technical details about your channel, will be emailed to you after you are verified. Learn more

Join great creators already on LBRY

Audiences range from 1,000+ to 10,000,000+ people. The videos below are from creators who have synced their content to LBRY.


What you earn

Depending on the number of subscribers you have on YouTube, you will qualify for different grants of LBC, the coin that powers the LBRY network.

YouTube Audience

Current YouTube Subscribers LBRY Credits/Year USD Value 1 LBC =
1,000 720 LBC
10,000 4,200 LBC
50,000 8,400 LBC
100,000 14,400 LBC
500,000 28,800 LBC
1,000,000 52,800 LBC

Table shows yearly awards but rewards are distributed monthly. Monthly reward will be one-twelfth the above amount. These reward amounts may change at LBRY Inc.'s discretion.

Views on LBRY

Receive up to 2 LBC () per view from verified accounts. Learn more. These reward amounts may change at LBRY Inc.'s discretion.

Follows on LBRY

You receive additional rewards for building an audience, starting with your first follower and continuing at various tiers.

Getting on LBRY is easy

When you claim your channel your most recent 1,000 YouTube videos will be automatically copied to your LBRY channel.

  1. Claim your channel
  2. Authorize your content
  3. Users watch your content on LBRY

Claim your channel


Authorize your content


Users watch your content on LBRY

Sync & earn

LBRY offers a single-click sync process for existing YouTubers.

Human available

Questions, problems, or feedback? A real human is available.

Tom Zarebczan, Community Leader

Tom Zarebczan

Community Leader

[email protected]